Can contract management be improved?


Dr. Kelman says government should take contracting more seriously.

Government contracts out more than $300 billion in services, but does not link contracts to the cost of managing the contracts.

Reforms are needed to shift contract officers’ role from just choosing contractors to also managing contractors.

Should contract management be re-conceptualized as a high-level management job? If so, do you have examples of how?

3 Responses to “Can contract management be improved?”

  1. Bob Maslyn Says:

    Yes, contract management is under-valued and under-resourced. I would suggest, however, another important ingredient that needs to be done better on the front-end of the contracting process — risk management. Then marry that risk management plan to effective contract management and we’re moving in the right direction.

  2. Irene Krasnoff Says:

    Yes, by evaluating the business processes involved in the initiation of a contract, development of the contract, contract negotiations, and finalization of contracts via the parties’ signatures. Are there any functions that can be streamlined? Can some of these functions be automated? If automated, are we dealing with legacy systems? If so how can those legacy systems be replaced with state of the art, and customizable applications? Bottomline is streamline the business processes related to contract management, and incorporate technology.

  3. dolphinsoftware Says:

    I recently wrote an article on how technology can play a part in managing contracts ( and how technology solutions can improve the effectiveness of contract management across an organisation, particularly when skilled contract management resources are becoming more scarce.

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