Learning to Blog


kamenskyphoto.jpgThe IBM Center’s blog was first posted 10 weeks ago. We’ve learned a lot – both from your insights and about how to blog “properly” — and we appreciate your reading and contributing.The Center has a draft report on blogging in government and it contains some good advice that we’re now going to apply. That is – be more personal and be more frequent. So over the next few months, we’re going to do just that. . . . and we’ll post that report as soon as it is available!

We’ve had over 1,500 visitors to our blog, and more than a dozen thoughtful comments added. The comments are interesting. They reaffirm our authors’ insights that leadership and culture in government matter, and that better knowledge management and collaboration can help. They also point to specific challenges, such as the need for greater engagement by Congress in using performance measures.

Much has happened in the past 10 weeks that might influence the management agenda of the next President. We’ll be showcasing these tidbits, since they are not being picked up well in the mainstream media. Our goal will be to help connect the dots. Hopefully, you’ll find them interesting!

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