3 Responses to “Engaging Citizens in Government”

  1. DW Shephard Says:

    I particularly enjoyed comments on the necessity for public participation. Thanks.

  2. rdm Says:

    Are any organizations, groups, individuals, taking the lead on encouraging presidential hopefuls from all parties to commit to transparent and participatory decision-making in their new administration?

  3. John Kamensky Says:

    RDM – I know the non-profit, AmericaSpeaks, has sponsored an initiative “Millions of Voices” that advocates engaging the American public in national policy-making. They’ve laid out a blueprint (www.americaspeaks.org) and Democratic candidate John Edwards adopted one element of it — biennial ciitzen congresses — in his platform.

    While Ross Perot advocated greater citizen participation in the 1992 presidential election, it was not until the past couple of years that the technology has become available to actually engage (not just poll) citizens on a very large scale — and to authentically collect, synthesize, and respond — has become possible.

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