Tracking Promises


I’ve occasionally tried to summarize what the different presidential candidates have been propokamensky-blog-photo.jpgsing in terms of how they would manage the government differently.

But today’s Washington Post Federal Diary column by Steve Barr highlights a new website that will keep us all current on what’s going on! 

Barr highlights, by Don Kettl, director of the Fels Instiute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania.  Kettl summarizes in a nifty matrix what the different candidates are saying about how they will address key management challenges.   Kettl also provides useful summarizes of some of the key challenges the next president is facing in areas such as budgeting, personnel, technology, and organizational structure. . . . which is what I’ve been blogging about, as well! 

Dr. Kettl also references his 2005 report for the IBM Center: “The Next Government of the United States:  Challenges for Performance in the 21st  Century,” which helped served as the kick-off for this blog back in April 2007. 

Hope you enjoy both his new website, and my upcoming blog entries in the coming year!

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One Response to “Tracking Promises”

  1. Norman M. Macdonald Says:

    After reading the report mentioned in the blog I had a feeling of elation. My personal experiences particularly when I was assigned to do damage control verified many of the points made. You learn a lot from cleaning up and covering up.

    The one bright spot came late in the game when I was assigned to Gore’s reinventing government effort. This was basic bottom up get the job done thinking. It made use of the organic nature of organizations usually through networking by internet and telephone. It was simple and it worked.

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