Think Tanks and Other Players – Transition 2008 (Part II)


This blog continues the inventory started last week of what different groups are doing in preparation for the Presidential Transition and the next Administration. . . . I’ll provide updates periodically.


October 20, 2008 Update:  NOTE:  This blog entry has been among the most popular of all the entries in 2008.  As a result, in conjunctions with Federal Computer Week, these entries are now posted on a wiki site and are regularly updated.  Visit that site and bookmark it!


Think Tank Players (continued)


Brookings Institution.  Brookings provided an update.  In addition to the Patterson revision of his White House Staff book, it says it will sponsor several other book endeavors: “The Presidential Appointee’s Handbook,” by Ed DeSeve; “What Do We Do Now? A Handbook for the President-Elect,” by Stephan Hess, “”Difficult Transition:  Foreign Policy Troubles at the Outset of Presidential Power,” by Kurt Campbell and James Steinberg, and “Restoring the Balance:  A Middle East Strategy for the Next President,” by Martin Indyk and Gary Samore.


Center for American Progress.  The Center plans to draft legislative language and related support material for a federal version of Baltimore’s acclaimed “Citi-Stat” performance management process.  It has sponsored research on “data-driven government” systems to support this effort.


Mercatus Center, at George Mason University, plans to develop a primer on how an incoming President should deal with “midnight regulations” prepared by the outgoing Administration.  It is also conducting research on improvement for the Program Assessment Review Tool which is being used to assess program performance by the Office of Management and Budget.


Academic Players


Fels Institute of Government, at the University of Pennsylvania, is sponsoring a website that keeps track of the government management-related campaign statements made by the various candidates.


The White House Transition Project  is being continued in 2008.  Begun as part of the 2000 presidential transition in conjunction with the National Archives and other groups, the Project is directed by Dr. Martha Kumar.  The Project is conducting a series of interviews of key White House officials about the lessons they learned in their roles and advice they have for their successors.  She and her colleagues are also planning to summarize these oral histories in articles and books. 


Midge Smith Center for Evaluation Effectiveness, a part of the Trachtenberg School for Public Policy and Public Administration at George Washington University, is conducting research on the OMB Program Assessment Review Tool with the goal of providing guidance for a new process.


Other Players


Senior Executives Association.  SEA is crafting a report with recommendations to the incoming Administration on managing and improving the senior executive service.  It is also sponsoring a conference on June 10th for its members on “Shifting Gears,” to prepare them for the transition.


Coalition for Effective Change.  CEC is developing an ethics guide for incoming political appointees to help them navigate through existing laws and regulations.  It also co-sponsored the human capital forum held March 12th, with the Partnership for Public Service.


Performance Institute.  The Institute is hosting the Government Performance Coalition website and is sponsoring a series of events.  It sponsored the Government Performance Summit in February and plans to sponsor a series of breakfast dialogue session on human capital, performance, and other management issues.


Deloitte Public Sector Research.  Deloitte Research is conducting a survey of government executives on management challenges facing public executives, based on GAO’s report on 21st century challenges.  It plans to conduct a series of dialogue events to discuss a series of GAO’s policy challenges, such as in education, infrastructure, and healthcare.  In response to the GAO report’s call to fundamentally rethink the federal government’s base of spending and tax programs, it is working jointly with the LBJ School of Public Affairs to develop a “redesign framework” to facilitate the review of the roles and functions of government.   In addition, Deloitte Research is developing two books that it envisions will be helpful to the next Administration, one on innovation strategies and another on the challenges of policy and program execution.


Cisco.  Cisco is planning an initiative to develop insights on what the elements of the presidential management agenda should be for the next President.


CNA Corporation.  CNA is developing an initiative it is calling “performance-driven government.”


Again, if you’ve got additions or revisions, the blog lines are open!


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