Corporate View of Presidential Transition


INPUT, a research company that tracks government business, released a special report in April: “Industry Leaders’ Guide to the 2008 Administration Transition” that does a pretty good job of summarizing how a transition works and what the landscape of business opportunities will look like during the transition period.


While the report is written from the perspective of potential contractor opportunities and what private industry leaders should be aware of, it does a good job of describing the dynamics of a transition.  Even government insiders would find useful insights in the report:


It describes a number of factors that will set the stage for the next administration, such as the rising deficit, security challenges, and healthcare costs.  According to Government Executive, it summarizes the impact of a transition on agency and program leadership, budgets, programs, and procurement.  And it identifies a series of opportunities for contractors, such as continuing needs to improve government performance in government operations, healthcare, security, and citizen services.


The report details a series of opportunities where technology will likely be the enabler.  It details candidate positions in areas such as Gov 2.0, telework, health technology, and green technology. The report also includes a prognosis of the future for a series of ongoing initiatives supported by the current Administration, such as elements of the President’s Management Agenda, the Administration’s e-gov initiatives, and the various lines of business initiatives.


 In summary, Federal News Radio notes that the report is an interesting set of predictions for both government and business readers regarding the federal management landscape in 2009. 

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