More New Transition Resources


Seems there are a number of new presidential transition-related resources cropping up on a regular basis!


Peter Daly did a nice column in Government Executive’s on-line special report, based on his book “The First 90 Days in Government:  Critical Success Strategies for New Public Managers at All Levels.”


There’s also a Princeton University paper recommending a change in the role of government’s use of the internet in the next Administration as a different way of delivering information and services.  The report recommends agencies focus on creating content that would be delivered through private or non-profit websites rather than via government-created websites.  The authors note that this is the approach being using more frequently by the private sector.


Finally (for today) the Association of American Universities is recommending the next Administration expand the government role in science and innovation, in part by elevating the role of the White House science advisor.

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2 Responses to “More New Transition Resources”

  1. Peter H. Daly Says:

    Mr. Kamensky:

    I just recently came upon your website/blog and appreciate your gracious comment last June about my short article in Government Executive magazine on preparing for transition to a new administration. I have published several pieces on this topic. Every new administration faces the conflict between new ideas and inherited conditions, which makes it especially important for career executives as well as newly appointed policy officials to carefully plan for the first few months of the transition. Transitions can be times of great opportunity, but also great vulnerability.

    Thanks again for your compliment, and good luck with your blog.

    Pete Daly

  2. John Kamensky Says:

    Mr. Daly — Thanks for reading — keep up your good work! It’ll be helpful to the next Administration, I’m sure.

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