Editorials on Transition


Transition planning is starting to creep into the mainstream media.  In the past couple of days there were two thoughtful op-eds on the need to get it right.


The first, by Jamie Gorelick and Slade Gorton, was in the New York Times:  Between Presidents, A Dangerous Gap.”  The authors were both members of the bipartisan 9-11 Commission and their advice to both candidates was to get started now.  They said “the deeply flawed presidential transition of 2000 and 2001 created a dangerous period of vulnerability.”  They offer five steps to getting it right, concluding: “Our presidential transition process needs to adjust to the threats the United States faces.”


The second, by Max Stier and Gary Ginsburg, was in the Wall Street Journal:  It’s Not Too Soon to Plan the Transition.”  Stier is the president of the Partnership for Public Service, a non-profit dedicated to improving government, and Ginsberg served in the 1992 Clinton transition.  Like Gorelick and Gorton, they observe:  “The key to an effective transition is getting your appointees in place and up to speed as quickly as possible.”  They too offer several pointers for getting it right.


Are the candidates listening?  I don’t know, but I found the Stier-Ginsburg article on candidate Obama’s website!

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