Four New Websites on Transition


Several new websites have been put up in recent days that focus on the presidential transition:

National Academy for Public Administration’s Initiative on Presidential Management Capacity

The National Academy for Public Administration has launched a webpage with management insights for the next Administration and Congress.

The Academy is a congressionally-chartered institution comprised of distinguished current and former public leaders who are “dedicated to making government work better for those it serves.” Its standing panel on executive organization and management undertook an assessment of the management capacity of the president starting in 2006 in anticipation of the election and transition later this year. That assessment is complete and individual members of the panel have prepared a series of issue papers on management topics such as the president’s role in the government’s use of human capital, budgeting, and organizational structure of agencies. The papers were peer-reviewed by other members of the panel, many of whom had extensive careers in the federal government in the White House, OMB, and cabinet departments.

The first 10 papers are now posted on this webpage, with at least a half-dozen more to be posted in the near future. My recent blog series on government reform is based on an extract from one of the issue papers that I contributed to the series. Many of the others are written from what I call the “traditionalist’ perspective and they provide useful insights based on decades of experience by the authors.

GSA Presidential Transition Webpage

The General Services Administration (GSA) has launched a webpage detailing its statutory responsibilities associated with the presidential transition and the inauguration.

The webpage provides a useful overview and will likely be expanded over time. Ominously, it also includes the text of the Federal Vacancies Reform Act!

Sunlight Foundation: Transition Inventory

The Sunlight Foundation has created a useful resource that catalogs a variety of presidential transition projects ongoing around Washington. This catalog overlap with the list I’ve posted and updated periodically, but extends it a bit by adding organizations that have more of a policy orientation, such as the progressive November 5th Coalition and the conservative American Solutions.

FCW Transition Website

The on-line version of Federal Computer Week has launched a webpage to serve as a one-stop on events, conferences, and groups that are sponsoring initiatives related to the upcoming presidential transition effort.  It’s a wiki site, so it can be continually updated.  I’ll hotlink the Center’s blog homepage to the new FCW page and help update that webpage rather than continuing the inventory list of organizations and events in this blog. Should be easier for people to find stuff that way.


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