McCain Taps Transition Planner


According to TIME magazine, presidential candidate John McCain has tapped William E. Timmons, Sr. to “conduct a study in preparation for the presidential transition should John McCain win the election.”. Timmons, who has worked for every Republican president since Richard Nixon, is a veteran of past transitions. He will be working with former Secretary of the Navy John Lehman, another close associate of McCain.

Spy Agencies Prep for Transition

In a completely unrelated story, Federal Computer Week notes that the intelligence community has begun regular briefings of the presidential candidates. By law, after the conventions both candidates are authorized to be briefed on national security issues.

In addition, like the Department of Homeland Security, this will be the first presidential transition since the Office of the Director of National Intelligence was created in 2004, therefore the details of how the transition will occur within the intelligence community will be setting some precedence.

Update: NYT Story on Transition

Over the weekend, New York Times reporter Robert Pear wrote an update on the transition’s status:  “Behind the Scenes, Teams for Both Candidates Plan for a Presidential Transition.”  He highlights that there may be problems if Congress fails to pass a budget by the end of the month which could prevent key agencies from carrying out their transition duties.  He also summarizes some of the best practices from past transition (which can also be found on earlier blog entries here!).


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