House Hearing on Transition


Yesterday a subcommittee of the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee held a hearing on the preparations for the upcoming presidential transition.  Like the Senate hearing a couple weeks ago, many of the same Administration witnesses were there and delivered virtually the same statements.  There was a separate panel with witnesses from academe and think tanks. Again, their testimonies covered similar materials that had been covered in other congressional hearings in recent weeks.

I’m on travel out of the country so I wasn’t able to attend and listen to questions from Chairman Eldolphus Towns and answers from the witnesses during the hearing.  If you were there, could you comment on two questions I hope were addressed:

** The House passed a continuing resolution to fund the government through early 2009 because Congress has not yet passed any appropriations bills.  The resolution provides current-year funding levels for most agencies but increases funding for certain agencies (like the Census Bureau’s preparation for the 2010 Census).  Did it include increases for agencies dealing with the transition, such as the General Services Administration?

**  OMB deputy director Clay Johnson testified.  Earlier that day he convened the first meeting of agency-level transition leaders.  He had attached a copy of the agenda for that meeting to his testimony, but did he say anything about how the meeting went?


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