An Arduous Transition


The Washington Post did a terrific front-page story this past Sunday on the upcoming presidential transition.   The article vividly describes the cross-pressure facing the candidates – dealing with the economic crisis, the Iraq and Afghan wars, the continuing resolution and 2010 budget, the thousands of people seeking appointments, and developing a policy agenda that addresses the demands of scores of interest groups who believe their agendas should be acted upon immediately.

David Axelrod, Obama’s chief political strategist, promised last week that if “we are successful, we will be ready to act quickly to put our plan in place.”  Those involved in planning a possible McCain transition say he is genuinely interested in bipartisan governing and would immediately reach out to the opposition.


David Espo, an AP reporter, focused a separate story on Obama’s Transition Team.  He describes a dozen individual teams already underway preparing for a possible transition.  He named Cassandra Butts, an Obama associate, as leading the personnel search effort.

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