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An Early Start

October 27, 2008

All indications are that the First 100 Days of the next president will start early, according to an article, “Obama’s 100 Days Start Early,” by Jared Allen in The Hill, which covers Congress.  He foresees congressional action right after the elections, given the growing economic problems the country is facing.  The recent announcement of a global economic summit on November 15th also portends pre-Inaugural actions.


Similarly, the Washington Post’s Dan Balz describes Franklin Roosevelt’s transition as possibly portentous for the next president-elect in his article, “FDR’s Handling of Turbulent Transition Could Guide Next President.”  In reference to a book on that chaotic transition by Jonathan Alter, he notes: “The two met at the White House in late November and found little agreement. Later meetings produced little. At one point, Roosevelt declared, ‘It’s not my baby.’ By Alter’s account, Roosevelt’s standoffish posture was calculated. ‘His political instincts told him that if he were enlisted by Hoover in November, he would not be able to break sharply from the past the following March,’ ” [when the Inauguration was in March, not January].


But past may not be prologue.  According to a Federal Times article by Gregg Carlstrom, “OMB Kicks Off Sweeping Transition Planning,” the Office of Management and Budget is laying the groundwork for a smooth transition by orchestrating a series of meetings with career agency officials.  This early action is unprecedented, but again, we’re facing unprecedented times!  Agency officials are trying to inventory and prioritize issues and legislative items that the new administration will face.