GSA Transition Effort Underway



Gail Lovelace, GSA Transition Director

Gail Lovelace, GSA Transition Director

The Federal Computer Week’s Matthew Weigelt writes in  GSA Creates Private Network for Transition Teams,” that the transition teams won’t have access to government computer networks right away, but will have immediate access to a virtual private network of their own.  

Gail Lovelace, who has been designated as the director for GSA’s transition support effort, offered a caution, though.  According to FCW: “The teams must go through clearance checks, which GSA does not conduct, to get access to the VPN, as well as the office space GSA already has reserved for them, Lovelace said. However, she couldn’t give many details about the clearance process or how long it takes to get clearance.”


The article made no mention as to whether the transition’s computer network would have Web 2.0 capabilities that the campaigns are currently using, such as instant messaging, wikis, social networking, and blogging. 


GSA, meanwhile, is expanding its transition site and including more resources as they become available.  It’s worth a visit to see it under construction!


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