Wash Post Transition Editorial


With just six days before the election, the Washington Post’s lead editorial today, “Measure Those Drapes,” highlights the importance of pre-election preparation by both presidential candidates to be ready to govern.  Some excerpts:

“WE WRITE today in praise of drape-measuring. Early preparation for a presidential transition is essential to a successful launch of any presidency, and this transition will be more challenging — more perilous — than any in decades.

“The candidates are understandably reluctant to discuss the transition for fear of appearing presumptuous. . . . [However] Clay Johnson, who launched George W. Bush’s transition planning in spring 2000, wrote in a recent article for Public Administration Review, “It is irresponsible for anybody who could be president not to prepare to govern effectively from day one.”

“Mr. Johnson and other transition experts believe the new president should announce his chief of staff within a few days of the election and, by Thanksgiving, name his key White House, economic, national security and foreign policy officials. That will be a daunting task; no recent president-elect has followed so ambitious a timetable.”

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