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Watchdog Reforms

October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Last week, the Project on Government Oversight (POGO for short) released a set of government reform recommendations.  POGO is a non-profit committed to improving government accountability by exposing corruption and official misconduct.  So naturally, its recommendations focus on creating more government openness, especially in its contracting operations.  These include:

• Place online all new government information that is not exempted by law (for example, for privacy or security purposes).
• Reducing the use of “classified” designations.
• Publish online all new and existing contract and grant awards above $100,000.
• Act on the congressionally mandated database of information on the integrity and performance of contractors.
• Reinvigorate the independence of Inspectors General to seek out waste, fraud, and abuse.

Refreshingly, POGO also offers a series of recommendations around improved government effectiveness, including:

• Review each agency to determine their effectiveness and offer recommended improvements – or elimination.
• Prevent problematic outsourcing of work that is inherently governmental.
• Make civil service pay competitive with the private sector.

According to Government Executive’s Robert Brodsky, in “Watchdog Unveils Government Reform Priorities for Next Administration,” POGO executive director Danielle Brian said: “I sense we are going to have a giant culture change, no matter who wins, in the direction of these kinds of reforms.”