GAO Transition Website Announced


gao_sealThe Government Accountability Office launched a new website filled with advice to the Obama Transition Team and the new Congress.  The site has a series of tabs that drill down into different issues:

The 13 “Urgent Issues” GAO identified based on its work that require urgent attention and continuing oversight to ensure the nation’s security and well-being are:
• Caring for Service Members
• Defense Readiness
• Defense Spending
• Food Safety
• Oversight of Financial Institutions and Markets
• Preparing for Large-Scale Health Emergencies
• Protecting the Homeland
• Public Diplomacy and International Broadcasting
• Retirement of the Space Shuttle
• Surface Transportation
• The 2010 Census
• Transition to Digital TV

In addition to the urgent issues, the new GAO Web site includes sections on:

Agency-by-Agency Issues.  Each agency faces a range of distinctive major challenges affecting its mission, budget, and programs. Here, GAO summarizes its work at 28 federal agencies. This section allows new appointees to quickly and easily review GAO’s findings and recommendations on challenges facing each particular agency.

Management Challenges Across the Government.  Agencies share a number of management challenges to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness and address current and emerging demands.

Major Cost-Saving Opportunities.  A number of opportunities exist to limit costs and reduce waste across agencies and programs, as well as increase collection of revenues already due the government. GAO discusses about 50 such opportunities.

Long-Term Fiscal Outlook. This section describes the federal government’s long-term fiscal challenges.

Examples of Upcoming GAO reports on Major National Issues. GAO’s forthcoming work focuses on a wide range of key federal policies and programs.

There’s even a video introduction by Acting Comptroller General Gene Dodaro!

P.S. — Thanks to Dan Coberly for flagging this new resource for us!


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One Response to “GAO Transition Website Announced”

  1. Norman M. Macdonald Says:

    I see nothing about a natural disaster such as an earthquake, blizzard, wild fire etc..Remember we have active volcanos in the lower 48 near larage cities.

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