Agency Parachute Teams Land on Monday


Agency Transition Teams, also called “parachute teams,” will start arriving in agencies on Monday, November 17th, according to the Brisbane Times, of all sources!  The 450 members of the transition team will be visiting up to 100 different agencies.  The team members are not government employees.  Officially, the transition team is organized as a non-profit organization.  So President-elect Obama is placing team members under strict ethics rules.  Anyone who does business with a particular agency cannot participate in that agency’s review, and the names of the team members for each agency will be publicly released.


According to transition co-chair John Podesta, the agency review teams “will ensure that senior appointees have the information necessary to complete their confirmation process, lead their departments and begin implementing signature policy initiatives immediately after they’re sworn in.”


The cost of the transition is estimated to be about $12 million, according to a Wall Street Journal article.  This is more than was appropriated by Congress and private donations (but not from lobbyists) will bridge the gap. 


Oh, and for the really curious, here’s a Flickr fan’s photo of the transition headquarters building!




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