Change for America


The Center for American Progress’s new book, Change for America, is now out!  Co-edited by Mark Green and Michele Jolin, the book is intended to be a progressive blueprint for President-elect Obama’s team.  It is broken into four sections, each of which contains 10-20 chapters.  Chapter authors for the most part have had prior experience in government.  While the book’s primary focus is on policy issues, there are clearly management reform implications.


The first focuses on the White House and includes chapters on the National Security Council, the Domestic Policy Council, and the Office of the Vice President.  The second focuses on economic policy and covers agencies such as Treasury, Labor, and the Office of Management and Budget..  The third focuses on domestic policy.  In addition to chapters on individual agencies such as Health and Human Services, it has chapters on broader issues, such as increasing democracy and the effects of changing demographics.  The final section concentrates on national security policy.  It has chapters on Defense, State, Homeland Security, global poverty, and of course, the war in Iraq.


The Table of Contents and selected chapters are available for downloading.  If you want the whole enchilada, though, you have to order it over the web for January 2009 delivery.  Only $16.47 from Amazon!


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