Updates on News Resources


There are several new transition and transition-related websites worth mentioning. 


Federal News Radio: Tracking the Transition.  For a radio station, this website has a lot of useful “go to” items such as an updated spreadsheet on appointments, links to current stories, and links to other websites.


Yahoo! News: Presidential Transition.  This is a useful website aggregation of transition news stories.


Presidential Advisory ’08.    The non-profit PolicyArchive.org, a digital repository of public policy research developed by the Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) University Library, has launched its new online collection of presidential transition papers called Presidential Advisory ’08.  It features policy recommendations from over 20 think tanks for Obama’s incoming administration that focus on issues dominating the national dialogue:  the economy, education, energy, foreign policy, healthcare, media, and national security.


TomDispatch.  Here’s an interesting blog entry.  While billed as an alternative to the mainstream media, this entry does a pretty good job in providing an overview of the transition and how the mainstream media is covering it.  The entry, entitled, “The Imperial Transition,” gives you a sense of the tone.


Council on Foreign Relations.  Here is a foreign policy angle on transition issues facing the Obama team.


All Obama News.  And finally, while not strictly transition-related, this site seems to be a one-stop for those who can’t seem to get enough about President-Elect Obama.


Again, if you know of others that you think would be of interest, let me know and we can add to the list!

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