Transition: Pulse Check

John Kamensky, Senior Fellow

John Kamensky, Senior Fellow

An article in yesterday’s Government Executive by Alyssa Rosenberg, “High-Stakes Transition Could Serve as a Model,” provides a good overview of what’s gone on so far and why doing thing right are so important: “The challenges of homeland security, the economic crisis, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are so great that the Bush administration ramped up early for the transition, with more aggressive and comprehensive planning than ever before. And good government groups have worked to avoid overlap and to maximize their impact by uniting around a common agenda and coordinating their push for the swift confirmation and education of new political appointees.”

The next big hurdle will be the confirmation process.  A piece  by Federal News Radio,Faster, Faster: Speeding the Confirmation Process,” by Max Cacas, explores some of the hurdles with past appointees and Senators involved in the confirmation process. The finger-pointing in the delays go both ways.  However, according to Cacas, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) “feels that a standard form for nominees personal information that could be shared between the executive branch, the FBI and the Senate could also help speed the confirmation process.”

. . . .I’ll be taking a few days off, so have a happy transition to the holiday season!

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