More Transition Links


For those who can’t get enough on the transition, here are three more dedicated Transition links:

Wall Street Journal. It’s regular politics and campaign page is focusing more on the transition.

CNN. Here’s the beginning of what it had earlier promised will be a countdown of the first 100 days after the Inauguration.

Huffington Post. HuffPost has created a Transition Page, as well, under the banner, “Some news is so big it needs its own page.”

Also, here’s an op-ed by James Wolbarsht in the Washington Times,Making the ‘Change We Need’ Really Happen,” where he observes: “No president and his small White House team can directly run everything. It’s impossible to lead a multimillion-person government (with millions more under contract) on a 24-hour, 365-day basis without decentralization. Managing smartly requires a management information system to let leadership know what’s happening so appropriate decisions can be made at each level of the organization. It doesn’t exist today and needs to be built.” He also notes that the first step is to “put the right types of leadership inside government.”

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