A Departing Gift


As Obama names Nancy Killefer the incoming deputy director for management at the Office of Management and budget, the outgoing deputy director, Clay Johnson, held a briefing where he tied a bow around the initiatives he led while in that role.


He provided copies of the President’s Management Scorecard – before –February 2002 — and after –December 2008 – showing a shift from “red” scores to a sea of “green.”


In his briefing, he also announced the first-ever performance report for the federal government that provides “a candid two-page summary of Agencies’ performance.” From this report, the public will also be able to access in one place Agency planning, performance, budget, financial, and high-risk plans and reports.  Some government-wide performance trends include:


Improved performance results. 57 percent of 2008 program measures improved performance results over the prior year, compared to 45 percent in 2007.


Met performance goals. 63 percent of program performance goals met their targets in 2008, compared to 74 percent in 2007.


“Instead of just producing 300-400 page reports, for the first time, each major federal Agency has summarized its budget, financial, and performance results in two pages,” said Johnson. “Citizens should expect their Federal government to spend their taxpayer dollars effectively and more effectively each year and this way they can see it more clearly.”


 According to Government Executive’s Elizabeth Newell, Johnson said he “was proud of the state in which the Bush administration has left the management initiatives.”He provided a steady hand on the implementation of management improvements, largely related to vital mission support functions.  It seems Killefer’s challenge is to move that kind of attention to mission functions. 

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One Response to “A Departing Gift”

  1. Norman M. Macdonald Says:

    A two page report of the improvements under George W. Bush is about right. They had to reach for two pages. The troops in the field will be laughing themselves into tears.

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