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Where Are the Keys?

January 16, 2009

Earlier today, outgoing deputy director for management Clay Johnson sent me (and others) a note that was equivalent to leaving behind the keys to the office.


In his note, Johnson said every agency has performance goals, plans for accomplishing those goals by a specific date, senior managers designated who are responsible for implementing the plans to get these goals done, and a system of transparency behind all of this so outside groups can hold them accountable.


So here’s the list of web links to all of this.  The new team will inherit the keys.  Do they  fit the new door, or did someone penny lock it?  (we’ll find out on Tuesday when we’ll see which of these sites remain up and which are taken down by the National Archives as Bush Administration officials records).

Performance, government-wide


Performance, by Program


Management Reform Areas

  • Human Capital
  • Commercial Services Management
  • Financial Management
  • Electronic Government
  • Performance Improvement

Improper Payments


Real Property Management


Expanding Electronic Government


Improving Financial Performance


Security and Suitability Clearance Reform


Human Capital Survey


Government Financial Report


GAO High Risk areas