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Role of Good Government Groups

February 2, 2009

What has been the role of good government groups in the presidential transition?  Government Executive’s Alyssa Rosenberg explores this in a feature article, “Gathering Good.” 


She notes that even though many nonprofit groups have varied agendas, “the community of good government groups is experiencing a period of unprecedented cooperation.”  She pointed not only to this blog as an example, but also to the “Dance Card” of more than 30 different organizations contributing insights and resources to making the transition a success.


IBM Center executive director, Jonathan Breul, who also coordinates the Government Performance Coalition, said “When the dust clears . . .  new administrations need people with experience and who are not tainted by involvement with the previous administration to offer them management advice.”


The Coalition is comprised of more than a dozen organizations committed to helping government improve performance.  It recommends the incoming Obama Administration adopt several overarching principles to guide its efforts, and continues to provide insights and resources.