Web 2.0: White House and Whitehall


The appointment of the new Chief Technology Officer is eminent, and the OMB e-government and technology administrator, Vivek Kundra, is already busy at work.


What should be on their agendas to drag the government into the 21st century?  Wired Magazine has a great story by Evan Ratliff that frames the challenges: “Can Obama Really Reboot the White House?”  But there are several interesting reports just out that can help point the way.


National Academy for Public Administration.  One of them I showcased last week, by the National Academy for Public Administration:  Enabling Collaboration:  Three Priorities for the New Administration.”  In addition to recommending an open technology environment and fostering a collaborative culture, it recommended treating government data as a national asset to be used effectively by and for citizens.


But an overseas perspective is worth looking at as well, for inspiration:


UK’s “Power of Information” Initiative. The British government is currently developing its own White Paper on how to improve “Digital Britons’ online experience.”  Its “Power of Information Taskforce” has developed a series of recommendations, including encouraging government employees to add their expert advice to supporting on-line peer support forums, such as education specialists in parenting forums, noting: “This is a culture shift for people who work in public services and for civil servants in particular.”  A true understatement!


Some of its other recommendations:

·         Provide civil servants access to social media on the internet as part of their job.

·         Create an innovation space allowing the public and government staff to co-create information-based public services, such as the UK’s Show Us a Better Way or DC’s Apps for Democracy.

·         Engage citizens in policy development using web tools; update traditional citizen participation requirements.

·         Make geospatial and other government data more easily accessible, and encourage mashups.


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