Transparent Government: The Webinar!


A White House task force on creating a more transparent, participative, and collaborative government is due to report out it recommendations on May 21st.  It has been gathering federal employee input via a government-only website, but plans to launch a public website shortly to gather broader input from federal workers, states, localities, businesses, non-profits, and citizens.


What are some of the ideas that the White House should consider in making government more open?  I’ll be co-hosting with Government Executive a webinar with three widely-respected experts on Tuesday, March 24th at 1 p.m. (EST) to stimulate ideas.


The speakers will include:


·         W. David Stephenson, a strong advocate of greater transparency in government data.  He is writing a book on his proposed ideas, Democratizing Data. 


·         Carolyn Lukensmeyer, president of AmericaSpeaks, a non-profit organization that fosters greater citizen engagement in community affairs.  She has helped organize the broader “strengthening our nation’s democracy” movement around an agenda for the Obama Administration as well as co-authored a federal manager’s guide on improving citizen engagement.


·         Frank DiGiammarino, vice president of the National Academy for Public Administration, has sponsored the cross-government, which brings agencies together on ways to better collaborate.  He also co-authored a white paper on three priorities for the Obama Administration on improving collaboration.


Join us!  There’ll be an opportunity for questions-and-answers.  It should be fun.



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