Appointments: The Unchosen


As a counterpoint to yesterday’s blog, there’s a great story by Ian Shapira in today’s Washington Post, “Wishing and Hoping and Networking,” about young Obama campaign staff still looking for positions in the Administration”


They are the Obama-wannabes, many of them young and heady former campaign workers, frantically networking or waiting, just waiting, for the ultimate status symbol in their generation’s caste system: a job in the Obama administration.”


Shapira notes that about 3,000 positions are still to be filled.  He doesn’t mention that the White House has already received about 400,000 job applications for those positions!


This disappointment isn’t new.  In “Real Life at the White House,” by Claire Whitcomb, she relates President Lincoln’s story about disappointed job seekers:


“When Lincoln contracted a mild case of smallpox, after his November 19, 1963 speech at Gettysburg, he returned to the White House and lay in bed feverish and aching all over, his skin broken out with the tell-tale red spots and blisters.  “Now let the office seekers come,” he said, “I have something to give them.”


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