Updated Index: 250th Blog Entry


This is our 250th blog entry!  Thanks to our many readers and contributors.  Here’s an updated index of the highlights of the past couple of years since we started this effort to track the 2008-2009 presidential transition effort.

Blogs on “The Big Picture” — Where Is Government Reform Going?

Blogs on What the Campaigns Said About Government Reform

Blogs on the History of Transitions

Blogs on the 2008 Transition:  Pre-Election

Blogs on the 2008-2009 Transition:  Post-Election

 Blogs on The Bush Administration’s Transition-Out Activities

Blogs on the Obama Transition:  The First 100 Days

 Post-100 Days:  Staff Transitions

Blogs on Recovery Act Implementation

Blogs on Open Government Implementation

Blogs on New Administration Management Initiatives

Blogs on Management Ideas for the New Administration

a.  Getting Results/Governance

b.  Workforce

c.  Technology/Web 2.0

d.  Managing/Improving Performance

e.  Engaging People

f.  Government Contracting

 Blogs on Advice for the New Team

Blogs on What Other Groups Are Doing


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