Q. How do I comment on the report?

A. From the blog’s homepage, within the appropriate question presented, click on the blue link “(#) Comments.” Within the “Name” field, enter your full name, title, organization, and location. Within the “Mail” field, enter your email address. Completing this field will also enable you to learn of new questions posted to the blog and to help prioritize the issues via a survey. Enter your website address within the “Website” field. Lastly, enter your comments within the “Comment” field. Note that the “Name, Mail, and Website” fields are optional. You may post anonymously.


Q. I posted a comment, but nothing happens.

A. Once you post a comment, it is sent to the moderator of the blog. The moderator will review all comments daily and either approve or disapprove the comment. To continue navigating the blog once you have made a comment, simply scroll to the top of the page and click on the next question, highlighted in blue. Or review the blog’s homepage here.


Q. How do I post a comment anonymously?

A. Simply leave the “Name, Mail, and Website” fields blank and complete the “Comments” field. Or, complete the appropriate fields and within your comments, let us know that you would like your comment to be posted anonymously. Registering your email address with us will enable you to be notified of upcoming questions and our survey to help prioritize the issues at the completion of the commenting period.


Q.  When will new questions be posted to the blog?

A.  We will post new topic questions, starting Monday, March 12th, based on the insights we have received from those who are posting comments.  We will post new topic questions each Monday thereafter, through the end of April.  You can continue responding to previous topic questions, if you wish.


Q.  When can I complete the survey to help prioritize the issues uncovered during the blogging period?

A.  We’ll end the initial round of comments in early May.  We’ll then summarize the overall insights provided, and invite the authors of the essays, Professors Kettl and Kelman, to respond.  We will then conduct a survey of those who have registered with us to participate in the survey.


Q. What will you do with all of these comments?

A. After the discussion period, there will be an opportunity to help prioritize the issues via a survey. The results of the discussions and surveys will contribute to the development of the IBM Center’s research agenda later this year, as well as the Performance Coalition’s dialog sessions planned for early 2008.


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