While we may not yet know who the next president will be, we do know there will be one.

So, what management issues will the new president face in 2009? What should he or she do about them? The IBM Center for The Business of Government would like your insights. These insights will be used to inform the Center’s research efforts over the next two years as well as to inform the transition team of the winning presidential candidate.

Kettl Kelman ReportWe will start with a forum on a thought-provoking paper, “Reflections on 21st Century Government Mananagement,” containing essays by two distinguished public administration academics, Drs. Donald F. Kettl, University of Pennsylvania, and Steven Kelman, Harvard University. If you haven’t read it yet, you are invited to do so.

This blog will be updated weekly with new questions each Monday. After the discussion period, there will be an opportunity to help prioritize the issues via a survey. The results of the discussions and surveys will contribute to the development of the IBM Center’s research agenda later this year, as well as the Performance Coalition’s dialog sessions planned for early 2008.

How do I Participate?

You are invited to read the essays and comment on them. You can also suggest additional discussion areas. Simply click here to begin.

Your comments will be posted without attribution by us; if you choose to be attributed, include your name, title, agency, and location within the “Name” field and your email address within the “Mail” field. If your comments are not relevant to the particular topic discussion, we may choose to not include them in the public posting. The public posting of comments will be done daily.


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