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Tracking the Transition

November 5, 2008

The election is over and the transition moves to its next phase – the 77 days before the Inauguration.  A key pastime for everyone in government will be trying to figure out what’s going on, both in terms of people on the move as well as policies in play.


At least two media outlets have committed to using web-based approaches to tracking what’s going on.  They are each worth bookmarking:


Government Executive/National Journal:  They have launched a new blog: “Lost in Transition,” which includes thoughtful interviews with government executives, think tanks, and academics.


1105 Government Information Group: They are experimenting with a wiki-based approach to covering the transition:  Gov Transition 2009.  If you register, you can also add resources directly.  The wiki includes articles, opportunities for dialogues on topics of your choosing, an inventory of events, think tanks, and reports with recommendations to the new Administration.


I also understand that CNN plans to track the next transition phase – the first 100 days after the Inauguration – with a daily series.


If you know of other media dedicating ongoing coverage, let me know and I’ll expand this list.


As might be expected, there are a flood of great transition-related articles in the media this morning.  Here are links to a few:


A Washington Post article by Shailagh Murray, “Early Transition Decisions to Shape Obama Presidency,” begins to name names of potential top-level appointees, including John Podesta as transition director and Rahm Emanuel as potential White House Chief of Staff.  “A game plan for moving forward will become clear by Friday, Obama sources said, and Cabinet announcements may start to trickle out next week.”


A Washington Post “Analysis” by Paul Light says Obama must use the infrastructure of his transition team to past three tests:  (1) getting his appointees in place, (2) deciding how to decide, and (3) defining a targeted set of priorities.