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First 100 Days: Terry Sullivan

February 13, 2009

Dr. Terry Sullivan, in his study, “Presidential Work During the First One Hundred Days,” analyzes the work schedules of Presidents Dwight Eisenhower through George H. W. Bush during their first 100 days in office. With 50,000 observations of 20,000 events over nearly four decades, the report takes on two tasks: describing the president’s workday and drawing conclusions about commitment, engagement, isolation, organizational choices, and effectiveness.


In an interview with Government Executive’s Michelle Williams, he says “it’s an easy standard to hold every president against, to compare every president to.”  In this vein, several media outlets are monitoring “the first 100 days.”  These include:  BBC’s Obama Diary, CNN’s First 100 Days, and Huffington Post’s Obama’s First 100 Days. 


Dr. Sullivan’s data, which took a number of years to compile from a variety of official records, shows that presidents experienced a 30 percent increase in their workdays since Eisenhower.    His look at details, such as the amount of time on the phone, in one-on-one meetings, in groups, events, or on travel, showed interesting patterns between presidents during their first 100 days and, in some cases, dispelled some historical myths.  For example, Reagan, not Nixon, was the most isolated.  Sullivan also found that president’s with greater hierarchy in their operations had not only more productive work days but also had increased ranges of engagement with outsiders.


It will be interesting to see how future scholars rate the more recent presidents.  They’ll have to add a new time-tracking category for President Obama – time spent on email and his Blackberry!


New Transition Resources

January 22, 2009

Since the Inauguration, several new resources have been developed that you might want to add to your RSS feeds to keep up with what’s going on:

 BBC 100-Day Blog.  The BBC has committed to an ongoing tracking of what’s going on, with an extended blog.


CNN First 100 Days.  As promised, CNN has started a new special report series on Obama’s first 100 days in office.


Harvard Business Publishing:  Obama’s First 90 Days  Here’s an unexpectedly good resource of articles and insights on transitions in the corporate world and parallels to the public sector.  A blog by author Michael Watkins focuses specifically on elements of Obama’s transition.