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FY 2011 Budget: Place-Based Policies

August 13, 2009

“All politics is local,” goes the saying.  And that is particularly true when the government says the population will increase by 140 million by 2050.  Where will they all live, work, shop, and play?

The White House is developing a plan.  A little-noticed memo on place-based policies for the Fiscal Year 2011 budget – co-signed by the heads of OMB, the Domestic Policy Council, National Economic Council and Office of Urban Affairs – promotes interagency coordination in place-based planning and spending.

The memo directs agencies in their budget preparation process for FY 2011 (to be submitted to OMB by September 14) to “identify the top three to five programs or initiatives that . . . show special promise for achieving better outcomes, whether a place-based approach is well established or is newly proposed.”  It also asks agencies to identify associated measurable outcomes, indicators of progress, and options for improving coordination and effectiveness.

As guidance, the memo offers agencies three principles to follow:

  • Use measurable goals. Clear, measurable and carefully evaluated goals should guide investment and regulation.  Goals should be transparent and widely and effectively shared in areas such as economic competitiveness, environmental sustainability, community health and access, and safety and security.
  • Be community-centric.  Change comes from the community level and often through partnership.  The Administration commits to “break down Federal ‘silos’ and invest in such as way that encourages similar coordination at the local level.”  Agencies should engage others as collaborators with ”shared agendas for action, strategies that are smart, success measures that make sense, and implementation focused on results.”
  • Be regional in approach.  Many important challenges demand a regional approach.  Federal investments should promote planning and collaboration across jurisdictional boundaries.

The memo notes that Vice President Biden is “already working to put these principles to work in the implementation of the Recovery Act” and that he has initiated a Community Impact program that brings agencies together to consider the place impact of Recovery Act investments.  It also notes that “Federal partners meet weekly to assess progress and consider next steps in spurring community progress.”


Performance Management: Obama Style

June 16, 2009

People have been asking me:  What’s the Obama performance management agenda?  I keep saying, “you’ll have to wait until his chief performance officer gets on board.”

Well, that may be true in some respects, but the agenda is steadily being fleshed out.  The President’s FY 2010 budget, according to Federal Times, laid out a set of specifics that agencies will have to develop in the coming months:

• Establish a comprehensive measurement system to link programs with agency and governmentwide performance goals.

• Reform program assessments to report on and explain performance trends, risks and improvement plans.

• Identify agency officials who will ensure performance improvement plans work.

• Revamp the Bush administration’s to make performance data agencies submit easily accessible to the public, Congress and other stakeholders.

• Launch a governmentwide research program to compare the effectiveness of different program strategies to ensure programs achieve their goals.

And last week, the Office of Management and Budget released guidance to agencies in developing their FY 2011 budget and performance plans.  There, it said “Over the next several months, OMB also will work with Congress, interagency management councils, experts in Federal management policy, Federal employees, and other key stakeholders to craft a broad management and performance framework” that will address both presidential priorities as well as long-standing management challenges.

The guidance went on to require agencies to identify, by July 31st, a set of “high-priority performance goals” where there will be “regular reviews of the progress agencies are making.”  The guidance offers criteria for what the goals should look like and directs the Performance Improvement Council to work together to develop a common template for their agencies to report their goals and measures of progress.

NOTE: It’s interesting how this OMB guidance memo was described by different media outlets.  The memo covered several topics and different media covered different aspects.  Government Executive’s Elizabeth Newell covered the performance element; Federal Times’ Stephen Losey focused on the budget element; the Washington Post’s Joe Davidson emphasized the hiring reform element; and Federal Computer Week’s Alice Lipowicz highlights the memo’s emphasis of IT investment goals around transparency and collaboration.